Making it easy to organize, track, and fund residential real estate investment loans.

Private Lender Portal is the first and only scalable full-service business solution for lenders, brokers, and borrowers of business purpose loans.


Private Lender Portal is currently in the closed beta stage of development.

We are actively collecting feedback, insights, and suggestions from our closed beta users, all of whom are actively using the platform to organize, track, and fund business purpose loans. Private Lender Portal’s beta users comprise a representative industry cross section ranging from national private lenders who track 2000+ new loans per month to individual real estate investor (REI) borrowers who remain focused on one specific financed project over an extended period of time.

How It Works

Lenders and brokers receive a unique, customizable version of Private Lender Portal, with the option to extend specific borrowers access to a branded Borrower Portal.

These portal environments become hubs where all loan related information is uploaded and securely stored, where messaging and loan-specific conversations take place, and where Private Lender Portal services are accessed.

Core Features

Private Lender Portal has been built with an unmatched feature set specifically designed for lenders, originators, brokers, and borrowers of real estate investment business purpose loans.
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Unlimited Users - Give portal access to your partners, employees, customers, and more.

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User Roles

Custom Permissions - Control which loans and what information each user can see.

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Loan Tracking

Pipeline View - Watch loans move from submission through closing and beyond.

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Loan Calculators

Instant Terms - We ingest credit boxes of your capital sources so that you can price out different scenarios and offer terms instantly.

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Standard Submission

Accepted Everywhere - Our simple, step-by-step loan submission engine ensures you shop ready-to-fund deals to virtually any lender or capital partner.

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Borrower Portal

Borrower Experience - Offer a customized logged-in experience for borrowers where they can view their loans and request construction draws, payoffs, and extensions.

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Apply Now

The power of Instant Loan Applications - Compete with any lender by adding an “Apply Now” button to your own site. Borrowers are guided through an intuitive loan application flow.

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Centralized Messaging

With proprietary stage-based loan chatrooms, your borrowers, your team, and even external parties like attorneys, insurance agents, and capital partners can now converse all in one location - your portal.

Exclusive Features

Private Lender Portal offers a collection of advanced proprietary features that were designed to ensure the best experience for you and your borrowers.
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Customize your portals with your brand colors, your logo, your name, and even your own URL. We help you make our portal your portal

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Instant Communication

Email, WhatsApp, SMS - stop piecing information together. The LoanChat app puts all loan communications in one secure place.

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Rapid Construction Draws

Our proprietary construction draw feature, Snap Draws DIY , lets you offer your borrowers construction draws with an average turnaround time of 24 hours.